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  • 11Июн

    Previous scams by the organized crime group of Questra (AGAM) creators

    These swindlers have been associated since 2011 and used to create similar financial pyramids and scams on the Internet, which were already closed, and successfully fooled their investors; it is beyond question, as there can be seen a trail of experienced fraudsters, such as the following:

    The financial pyramid Formula Deneg is on the list of Internet scammers (2012-2014 — formuladeneg2.com and formuladeneg.com)
    Zolotoe Sechenie or Formula Dene 2.0 — is on the list of Internet scammers, Ukraine — Vinnitsa
    FD Invest fdinvest.net / oiltransinvest — scammers
    — Participants of МММ of different ranks in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan
    astral-polet.ru — deception of users under the guise of training.

    In this article, we do not separately consider each member of the criminal group Questra (AGAM), as these materials are available on the site; we consider only the scams they created together and fooled the investors, since Prochukhan and Pestyuk had previously engaged in frauds; they were assisted by Konstantin Mamchur and Stanislav Kravtsov:
    Useful videos on scammers and their past projects:

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